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Sangomas Residential Services LLC

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Offering in home care for you or your loved ones.

Sangomas Residential Services LLC is one of the most reliable Residential Provider in the Cuyahoga County area. Our practitioners provide the best  services and cater to the specific needs of each individual we serve. We bring high quality care right to your front door so that you can get better in an environment that is comfortable and familiar to you.

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Personalized Attention for All Your Health Related Needs

At Sangomas Residential Services LLC, we care about our clients and are here to make life easier for you and your loved ones. Our wide range of home care services were designed to meet all of your health needs. From 24-Hour Care to Medication Distribution — our certified practitioners work tirelessly at improving the quality of life for each and every one of our clients and their families.

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In Good Hands

24-Hour Care

Woman & Doctor

Medication Distribution

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Adult Activities Center 

Service You Can Trust

We offer a place where adults with disabilities can go during the day to enjoy the socialization meet new friends, create crafts, participate in activities, and go on community outings of their choice. We have experienced and DODD trained staff in the field to assist with all of our participants needs.


Vocational Training

Retail Vocational training. In a retail thrift store that is open to the public.

At Sangomas Residential Services LLC, we offer professional, reliable vocational training services to all of our individuals. Our services are centered around your specific requests your CCBDD ISP,  and your teams suggestions and guarantee personalized attention. Our goal if for you to poses the skills to gain community employment at your pace.

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Who We Are

Rhonda Reid-Hogan & Michelle Lastovka

Rhonda has a wide variety of experience working with individuals with disabilities from direct care to vocational training to overall management of care.  Her career began in 1997 as a direct support professional while perusing her degree in criminal justice.  Rhonda quickly found this would be her career choice as she care for others who could not care for themselves.  Working for different agencies has allowed Rhonda to experience various quality of care.  She knew her lifelong dream of owning her own care services would not be farfetched.  With training, education, diligence and motivation Sangomas Residential was born.

After helping persons with disabilities and economic disadvantages for decades, Michelle Lastovka and Rhonda Reid-Hogan joined forces last year so they could expand their reach and advocate for better care.

As co-owners of Sangomas Residential Services, their caring, nurturing demeanor is infused in everything they do.

“I have been a caregiver my entire career because I know I can be that one person who can change somebody’s life,” says Rhonda, who has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and an associate’s degree in business management. “By forming our own company, we will be able to help even more people.”

Armed with a master’s degree in psychology, Michelle has years of experience in residential direct care, starting as a caregiver and moving up through management. She came up with the company name, which means healer in Native American, as well as among the Zulu people of South Africa—perfectly describing what the company does.

Offering in-home care for those with physical, cognitive and behavioral disabilities, Sangomas Residential Services serves a wide range of adults with different diagnoses, from someone with a traumatic brain injury following a car accident to someone with a compulsive obsessive disorder.

This fall, Sangomas Residential Services will start offering vocational training as part of its new Sangomas Closet retail store. The goal of the vocational training center is to help with job coaching and career development so individuals can gain employment and live their best life.

“We help clients with anything they do at home and offer around-the-clock care,” says Michelle. “From pharmacy deliveries and medication administration to attending medical appointments and assistance with daily living skills, our highly trained staff helps them with daily tasks. We can help clients make a healthy living list and take them to the grocery store, as well as assist with home cleaning.”

This fall, the company also will start offering vocational training as part of its new Sangomas Closet retail store. “The goal of the vocational training center is to help with job coaching and career development so individuals can gain employment and live their best life,” says Michelle. “In addition to direct in-home care and vocational training, we also advocate for client rights and guardianship.”

“From your heart to our hands, we become like family,” adds Rhonda. “At times, when a family can’t care for someone and severs ties with their care, we have to be their family and pick up where the biological family left off.”

If you know someone who could benefit from these services, you can refer them to the support administrators at the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities or Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.

nd work hard to meet, and exceed, your expectations. Contact us if you have any comments or questions, and start your journey back to healthy living with us today.

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Job Opportunities

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Direct Support Professionals

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  • Completes and maintains all required State mandated trainings such as Medication Technician Training Program (MTTP), CPR / First Aid, Behavioral Principles and Strategies (BPS) and DODD trainings within 90 days of employment;

  • Attends meetings and training sessions as required by DODD and Sangomas Residential;

  • Completes annual trainings related to consumers’ IP, BP and related plans;

  • Daily Programing

  • Provides transportation to and from activities;

  • Assists in the implementation of individual plans for individuals and behavioral plan goals;

  • Assists individuals in the pursuit of recreational, social and community activities based on their preferences and individual plans;

  • Assists and encourages individuals in the establishment of social networks;  Promotes participation and involvement in community outings;

  • Works all assigned schedules, including but not limited to arriving and departing on time, requesting time off in advance, and notifying your supervisor of changes to your assigned work schedule;

  • Ensures each individuals’ rights are protected.

  • Treats individuals with dignity and respect;

Activities of Daily Living

  • Administers medications to individuals as assigned; 

  • Observes individuals for any changes in behavior or health that may have resulted from medication administration;

  • Ensures individuals are dressed neatly and appropriately and are groomed at all times;

  • Assists and encourages individuals to care for immediate personal needs such as toileting, washing their hands, and eating;

  • Prepares nutritional meals based on individual needs and preferences;

  • Encourage individuals to assist in the preparation of meals and snacks as appropriate to their individual plan and behavior plan;

  • Keeps residence – both interior and exterior – and resident personal space clean, organized, and tidy and encourage them to participation in home beautification and upkeep as appropriate according to their individual plans;

  • Teaches individuals daily skills such as household chores, laundry, cleaning, and washing dishes, as appropriate according to their individual plan;


  • Observes individuals for evidence of injury or bruises and evaluates for changes in emotional and physical status; 

  • Reports any noted problems to the Residential Program Coordinator immediately and complete a written incident report form;

  • Reports all medical related incidents to the Day Program Coordinator and the delegating nurse;

  • Acts as a representative for Family Service Foundation in a professional manner when required, to families, service coordinators, State officials, community partners, local businesses, and employers;

  • Represents Family Service Foundation in a professional manner to families, service coordinators, State officials, and community partners when required;

  • Maintains resident confidentiality;

  • Communicates with Residential Coordinator when items related to individuals’ personal needs and personal space needs to be purchased;


  • Assists the Day and Residential Coordinators in the preparation for the annual Individual Planning Meeting;

  • Treats all individuals and coworkers and with dignity, respect, and fairness;

  • Provides support to other team members when individuals are having behavioral issues;


  • Documents all program data, including but not limited to: individual plan data, behavior plan data, community integration logs, assessments, individual funds requests, mileage logs, maintenance requests forms, and supply acquisition forms;

  • Documents individual’s health (i.e. seizure charts, weight, bowel movements, fluid intake.);  Ensures that all documentation is completed accurately and in a timely manner;

  • Ensures Medication Administration Record (MAR) entries are completed daily;

  • Completes communication logbooks during shift.

  • Clocks in and out before and after every shift and submits Leave Request forms when applicable;


  • Assists individuals when entering and exiting vehicles while on community outings, as well as entering and exiting the building safely;

  • Supervises mealtimes based on individual needs, especially those identified as a risk for choking.

  • Observes appropriate staffing ratios as directed by the IP;

  • Reports unsafe conditions, environment, and equipment to the Residential Program Coordinator;

  • Follows safety protocols to foster a safe working environment; 

 All other duties as assigned. 

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Staff Profiles

Certified Experts at Your Service

At Sangomas Residential Services LLC, we believe in providing patients high quality home care services in the greater Cuyahoga, County area — and guarantee excellence in all we do. Our staff is committed to our patients’ wellbeing and go the extra mile to cater to their needs. Get in touch today and speak with any one of our team members.

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Angela Gurley

Residential Manager

Connie Cowan

Residential Manager

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Jermaira Bolar

Residential Manager

Danyal Lee

 Residential Manager 

Salena Johnson 

Residential Manager

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Staff Profiles

Certified Experts at Your Service

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Rhonda Reid-Hogan


Michelle Lastovka


Home: Meet the Team

Residential Manager

Home: Meet the Team
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Emma Daniels 

Transportation Manager

Mary Nissel

Adult Activity Center Supervisor

Edy Lyn

Vocational Training Supervisor

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